How to Hire a Digital Marketing Bad Ass (dMBA)

Once upon a time, the ’80s, the MBA was the gold standard for executive employers. Based on a strong resume and those three little letters, you could be confident that your hire would have the foundation and skillset for pretty much anything the market could throw his or her way.

And then everything changed. And kept changing. 

The freight train of digital derailed the traditional landscape of marketing and, for the most part, the business school MBA wasn't  groomed to navigate these new paths. That’s why at RMI we focus on hiring the dMBA—the digital marketing bad ass.

But who are these people? Where do you find them? And, maybe even most importantly, how do you keep them?

Download the free How to Hire a Digital Marketing Bad Ass (dMBA) white paper to learn how RMI has been able to consistently out-hire in the arena of digital executives.

Think you might be a dMBA yourself? Check out the white paper to find out if it might be time to do a little professional rebranding.

18 Paid Search Facts (to Impress Your Friends*)

Do your paid search campaigns plateau even though you’re regularly testing different ad copy? See fact #6; The reason may surprise you.

While this presentation may not help you figure out a weird way to burn belly fat, it will help you rethink the way you talk about and implement paid search campaigns for your clients. Slip one of these shockers into your next slide deck or use as motivation in your monthly metrics calls.

Well, were you surprised? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

*At first we were going to suggest you might need some new friends, but if you’re reading this we think you’re our kind of people.