4 Benefits of SEO to Your Healthcare Marketing

The distance between operating a healthcare practice and engaging in search engine optimization may seem steep. However, given the fact that the majority of potential patients start investigating ailments through search engines, you have a ripe opportunity to optimize SEO within your healthcare marketing.

The following is a look at some of the primary benefits of search engine optimization for your healthcare marketing.

Entry into the Consideration Set

A consideration is the group of providers that a particular person evaluates prior to making a purchase or consumption decision. It may sound a bit extreme to suggest that you aren’t going to be a part of a typical patient’s consideration set without SEO; however, evidence is clear that this is often the case.

In fact, not only do people search (primarily through Google and Bing) for health resources online, but 60 percent conduct a general search with no previous exposure to options. If you don’t appear in searches, you won’t get the patients.

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Direct Connection with High-Interest Prospects

Google searches have largely replaced the old-school practice of going to the Yellow Pages for local providers. Now, most people go to Google and enter a search for help. As was the case with print directories, a Google search is often the direct connection between the prospect and the provider. When someone finds you on search, and believes your solutions meet their needs, the path to patient acquisition is efficient.

Precise Targeting Opportunities

When people search for health information online, they typically enter very precise keywords. For instance, rather than entering “surgical providers,” a user is more likely to enter, “lower back surgery providers,” or a similarly specific phrase.

Because of this precise targeting, people that contact your office for information or services are more often highly-qualified prospects. Thus, your team doesn’t have to invest a lot of time and energy explaining services to people with a low potential of following through with an appointment.

Pre-Research Prior to Inquiry

Another major benefit of SEO for healthcare marketing is that people searching prior to inquiry can access your online information early. By going to your website and blog content before a call or digital inquiry, a patient can review information and learn about your practice before ever making contact. This pre-research simplifies the process of acquiring and getting started with the new patient.

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Because of the way in which people search for medical information online, engaging in SEO for healthcare marketing is essential. By appearing prominently in patient searches, you gain access to a motivated prospect base and give people access to education before they reach out to your practice.

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