4 New Insights on Optimizing Your Customer Experience

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Optimizing the customer experience is a common goal of customer-centric companies. However, it is one that is never fully achieved. People always consider bigger and better product and service opportunities and attune companies find ways to satisfy them.

The following is a look at some new insights and best practices that can help you offer the best possible experience for your customers.

Offer As Much Flexibility As Possible

In 2017, top CX providers go beyond an examination of the features and tools they implement to give customers what they want. They figure out ways to create flexibility so that their clients can get what they want from a brand.

Integrating flexibility into a strategic brand targeting a particular marketplace is a challenging endeavor. The key is to figure out where flexibility in product design, digital communication, purchasing processes and service is possible. In the digital era, you must create as many gateways as possible for your buyers to source products and seek support. Top-in-class omnichannel engagement leads to retention rates as high as 89 percent, well above industry averages.

Don’t Wait for Them to Ask

The old-school approach to customer service is to have a plan in place for effectively resolving customer problems and complaints. The new-school approach recognizes that you don’t want the customer to have to go through the angst and frustration of experience a problem.

Instead, have a proactive plan to identify and safeguard issues at the earliest sign of existence. Intelligent customer service has also become the new norm in digital marketing. When your business can detect service problems before they impact a customer, you can resolve them without the negative consequences.

Use Data and Insights to Thrive

Any viable company worth its salt in a competitive industry in 2017 is already gathering and using data for analytics and decision-making. However, the importance of data and consumers insights will rise even more in the coming years.

A lot of industries that have flourished in the digital age will become saturated shortly. This saturation puts pressure on businesses to steal away customers to endure and grow. The more quantitative and qualitative data that you can quickly convert to consumer insights, the better positioned you are to meet the demands of customers in a fast-moving marketplace.

Prioritize Mobile

While you need a nimble omnichannel experience, data clearly shows that customers prioritize mobile above all else at this point. More than half say a bad mobile experience spells the end of their interest in buying from a particular firm.

An optimized mobile experience typically includes an immersive, responsive website, quality navigation and an efficient shopping cart process. A complementary mobile app with convenient features is an advantage as well.

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The difference between a “good” and “excellent” customer experience can mean the difference between a company that endures and one that fades away behind better providers. Recognizing and adapting to these current best practices in customer experience is vital to your sustained success.

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