5 Important Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Firms in 2017

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In theory, all companies want to implement the most efficient marketing strategies to optimize return on investment. However, small firms have an especially tall task of identifying opportunities that meet their strict budgets and achieve the desired impact.

Combining recent trends with affordability considerations, the following is a look at several key digital marketing strategies that smaller firms should focus on in 2017 and beyond.

A High Quality, Mobile-Friendly Website

Whether you operate through brick-and-mortar, e-commerce or a multi-channel model, a high-quality, mobile-friendly website is the first major digital strategy your small company must employ. Designing and developing a great site may involve a modest initial investment, but for a few thousand dollars, you can normally get an effective site built on a content management system like WordPress.

Even if it takes a bit more money, giving users a strong experience on your site is critical to long-term success. Whether you use it for information sharing, prospecting or e-commerce, your site is the first major digital impression people get while searching online.

As the majority of online searches now take place on mobile, a responsive site that meets user and search engine expectations is a must.

A Mobile App

In some cases, it makes sense to develop and offer a mobile app. However, you should only invest in an app if it offers users something they can’t get on your website. For instance, apps sometimes enhance the shopping cart experience or give people quick and convenient access to your core business resources.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing includes organic traffic earned through search engine optimization, and paid search traffic you acquire by bidding on high search placements on Google and other engines. SEO is vital to small business success. By building a quality site and UX, and then implementing SEO strategies, you can earn good positions on search engine results pages relative to local or national competitors.

When you have a strong grasp on your audience, paid search campaigns allow you to boost your reach and control your budget in an effort to acquire more highly-qualified prospects.

Email Marketing

If you have thought to yourself, “email marketing is a waste of time,” you aren’t familiar with improvements in targeting capabilities in recent years. By identifying prime prospects for your solutions, you can segment email messages with personalized content that drives response rates of 3 to 5 percent. Combine email campaigns with customer relationship management and database tools to automate message delivery for typical campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Virtually all small companies need a social media presence as well. Don’t fear the risks that come with a public profile. Instead, look at the opportunities to expand your reach, engage people in real-time and project the image you want. The key to success is to pick a small number of specific channels that allow you to connect with targeted users and consistently deliver engaging content.

As with search, paid social media ads allow you to expand your reach on a controlled budget when you know your audience.


These tools offer small business operators the promotional benefits they want, along with affordability. If you find yourself too busy or time-strapped, consider investing in an expert digital marketing agency partner that can help you achieve the return on investment you want. Contact our Director of New Business Development, Amanda Sparks for more information!

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