6 Tips to Improve Patient Experience & Grow Your Patient Base

The ways of marketing to patients has changed. No longer can you rely purely on doctor referrals and brochures to grow your practice. Searching for doctors is becoming just like another other online shopping experience, complete with choices and control. Shopping for doctors has become just that, a shopping experience.

Three in 10 adults say they want a shopping experience like any other consumer good or service when it comes to healthcare, complete with choices and control.

Thus enters the “health-sumer,” your new target for acquiring more patients and for keeping your current ones happy. Targeting these “health-sumers” doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Stay ahead of the curve by making small alterations in the way you go to market and making sure your care is patient-centric.

We’ve compiled 6 Tips to help you not only acquire more patients but improve patient experience for the ones you already have.

  1. Be where your patients are
  2. Market your doctors not just your practice
  3. Focus locally
  4. Reliably answer your phones
  5. Speed up the pace
  6. Harness the power of testimonials

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