Best Practices for Native Advertising Success

If you’re looking for a slam-dunk way to drive more traffic to your website and to gain more brand visibility, native advertising offers a compelling solution. It falls somewhere between content marketing and advertising, offering a creative middle-ground that has worked wonders for many businesses.

If you’re testing the waters of this trend in digital advertising, however, you’ll want to start with the industry-accepted best practices.

Align Your Audience With Your Publisher

Native advertising

Marriages between native advertising and digital publishers work best when the two complement each other.

Think of native advertising as a partnership. You’re pairing your advertorial content with a publisher whose audience closely matches your target market. Clickz expert Nellie Chan advises choosing your vendors carefully. High traffic numbers don’t mean much if the people who see your content won’t be interested in your products or services.

Pay attention to your target customers on social media and in your personal interactions. What publishers do they mention frequently? What are they interested in? How do they consume media? The answers to these questions will help you identify potential digital advertising markets for your native ads.

Find a Workable Content Creation Solution

Native advertising

The people involved in your native advertising campaign will contribute to its success.

Writing for Hubspot, digital advertising pro Maricor Resente recommends letting the publisher’s editorial team create your content. That way, the advertisement will feature its brand’s typical voice and style, which will make it more appealing to its audience. However, you’ll need to supply the content direction and work with the editorial team to ensure the finished product aligns with your goals and company culture.

You can also create native advertising content in house. If you have a team of writers (or work with freelancers or contractors), you can invite them to study the publisher’s content. Emulating its voice and style will help the content align with its audience.

Test Multiple Publications

Although native advertising has gained plenty of steam, it’s a newer form of inbound marketing than some of its predecessors. New publishers enter the market all the time, which means flexible options. If you don’t test multiple publications, you might miss out on more lucrative opportunities.

However, you’ll also need a reliable metric system in place. If you don’t know your native advertising ROI (especially when compared to the ROI for your other digital advertising efforts), you won’t know whether you’re putting your advertising spend in the right basket.

Provide Useful Information

Some brands get confused by the word “advertising” in this industry. While native advertising is a form of corporate promotion, its value lies in its ability to engage an audience. If you don’t serve up useful information, people will have no motivation to interact with your brand or take advantage of your offerings.

If you’re interested in getting started with native advertising, contact our Business Development Manager, Amanda Sparks. She’ll help you develop an effective digital advertising campaign that will boost ROI and get your business noticed.

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