Concerned about Ad Blockers? Try Native Advertising

Ad blockers have thrown a wrench into many marketers’ playbooks. They stop users from seeing display advertisements, which means businesses don’t get exposure or clicks and publishers don’t earn revenue.

If you’re frustrated by this rapidly growing trend, you might want to consider native advertising. It’s a happy medium between display advertising and organic content that drives traffic and boosts ROI.

Useful Content With a Strong CTA

Native advertising
Native advertising is a specific form of content marketing that achieves results.

A native advertising piece might resemble a long-form blog post or article, but its purpose is advertorial. It might inform and entertain, but it also persuades your audience to visit your website, sign up for your service, or buy your products. Most importantly, ad blockers won’t conceal these pieces from view.

The FTC has recently released a statement that demands that publishers and advertisers disclose the nature of native advertising. In other words, you have to clearly label your native advertisements as ads. However, while this step might turn off some consumers, it can also help build trust among your target audience. Consumers will know that you’re not trying to deceive or mislead them.

Embracing Permission Marketing

Many businesses and consumers consider display advertising intrusive and overwhelming. It interrupts users’ consumption of content and assumes they’re interested in the message. However, digital advertising has evolved. While display ads might still have a place in the digital marketing landscape, permission marketing has become far more compelling.

A native advertisement, as long as it’s properly labeled, gives consumers a choice. They can consume the content — along with the marketing message — or give it a pass. Either way, you’ve created a social contract with the consumer. You’re asking if they want to listen to what you have to say and respecting them when the answer is “no.”

A digital advertising agency can help you craft original, compelling content that decreases the chances of a negative response. If your native advertising entertains your audience or solves one of their problems, consumers will find it worth the exposure to your advertising message.

Benefit From Publishers’ Traffic

Native advertising
Native advertising gets your message in front of more eyes.

The chief benefit of display advertising is the opportunity for your message to appear in front of a large audience. Ad blockers, however, restrict the potential for success, which is why native advertising offers a compelling alternative.

You can still publish your message on high-traffic publishers’ websites. Additionally, you can create longer content that will keep viewers engaged and disseminate more information. Long-form content is extremely effective in both organic and advertorial campaigns. Plus, it doesn’t disrupt the user experience or generate contempt like display advertising sometimes does.

If you’re looking for a new way to reach your target audience, a digital advertising agency can help you leverage native advertising by pairing you with publishers and helping your design a content strategy. For more information, sign up for Top Secret Digital Marketing Insights and news.

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