A letter from Ken, and a new website!

I am excited to announce an expansion to our responsemine.com site. Response Mine Interactive has recently launched a new website to reflect the growth in health consumerism and our goal to help companies grow that promote health in others. This site will promote the fastest growing segment in our client base: medical groups and hospitals, direct to consumer medical device manufacturers, wellness and fitness
retailers and home health services.

I’ve come to believe that in order to express excellence and really accelerate growth, a company needs to focus on being great at one thing. We love doing this thing called digital direct marketing, but I asked myself how can we focus it? Then it hit me –  our core value is that we help companies grow. Since we can’t serve every company in the world, I decided that we should help those companies grow who deserve to grow- who served a greater purpose-  and that purpose is health.

You may already know how vital of a role health and wellness plays in my life, as an avid vegan and health advocate, it is my goal and vision to be a champion of promoting healthier lifestyles and improving outcomes for both patients and health companies. Those two ingredients are necessary to drive success in this sector, and ResponseMineHealth.com effectively communicates how our entire team at RMI puts that passion to work every day to deliver more health consumers to the best medical, wellness and fitness companies.

Take a moment to visit our new site, ResponseMineHealth.com, and see how RMI optimizes patient and customer acquisition for health and wellness companies like Hoveround, Miracle Ear, Carestream Health and Wahoo Fitness. Let us know what you think!


Ken Robbins
el Presidente
Response Mine Interactive
Learn more about Response Mine Health and the reasons behind this decision in our new video. Watch it below:



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