How to Market to the Pre-Researching Patient

People dealing with health issues typically go to the internet or mobile applications to research. They want to investigate their situations before visiting a professional. Understanding this pre-visit journey and your patients’ motivation and feelings are helpful to effectively engage them with healthcare marketing.The following is a look at effective healthcare marketing strategies to connect with the pre-researching patient.

Offer Informative Content

A thorough, informative website is the foundation for an effective online marketing strategy for targeting patients. Nearly three in four Internet users look for healthcare information online, according to recent Pew Research.

Use your website to project the image and culture you want prospects to see for your practice. Offer detailed landing pages that address the different services and treatment options you provide. Clearly identify the next steps to let researching patients know how to make an appointment.

Healthcare marketing

The internet is full of healthcare information and practitioners that offer something of value to attract patients.

Blog Regularly

To hook people to your website, you need a regularly updated blog. Articles on current, relevant topics demonstrate authority and credibility in your sector. You can use these posts to attract readers, and then call them to explore a particular landing page for more information.

Most of the online research conducted by your potential patients begins with a search. Blogs are integral to search engine optimization, as they offer fresh content (which Google likes) and differentiated topics that people explore. A recent study revealed that 77 percent of patient bookings began with an online search.

Get Reviews and Shares

Peer reports have a lot of influence on the pre-researching patient. As much as your messages about the quality of your care matter, the majority of people put more faith in what others like them have to say.

Generating reviews is a great way to leverage peer influence with satisfied patients. Google Reviews, along with reviews on health information sites and directories, are helpful. These pop-up in searches and appear to potential patients. Getting satisfied patients to tell their stories on social media is influential as well. Offer invites through emails and health portals.

Get an App

Forty-four percent of people who research medical care on a mobile device book an appointment. To connect with the large base of mobile researchers, offer a healthcare app or participate in one.

Some basic medical apps allow patients a faster, more convenient way to book appointments and follow-up on care. You could also take advantage of a number of relatively new medical app types that allow for such services as video-based emergency care over the phone, live mobile health consultations and 24-hour specialty referral appointments.

Healthcare marketing

Consider the circumstances during which your potential patient would research and try to contact your practice.


Knowing the path people take before they contact you for an appointment helps you set the stage with targeted healthcare marketing. The typical digital-led journey illustrates the importance of an online and mobile presence in contemporary healthcare marketing.

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