RMI Tops AJC Best Places to Work 4 Years Running

Over the past several years, Response Mine Interactive (RMI) has gained a reputation for being one of the top marketing agencies in Atlanta.

And for good reason.

All of the votes in the process are employee-generated and anonymous. That means honest feedback in the vetting process, no ballot stuffing or voting machine tampering (just kidding here).

Why RMI Stands Out

RMI keeps topping the AJC list for a couple of core reasons:

We create space for our people to innovate, focus on their life outside of work, and then bring that internal passion and creativity back into the office. 

Where You Can Find Your Sweet Spot

Here, you can focus on finding your own balance. Our team members figure out the time needed to do their best at work while pursuing a happy life outside of work.

Our culture is team-driven, not created from the top-down. We seek out people who’re a fit for our culture. We find uniquely talented marketers that carry that RMI gene that makes them stand out.

RMI supports team members in a way that goes beyond benefits. 

We encourage you to be who you are and add that unique vibe to RMI.  

Where You Can Enjoy Remote Work

Over the past year, we’ve transitioned from a hybrid work model to a fully-remote work model. As the pandemic continues to evolve, we are exploring what the RMI of tomorrow looks like.