Non-Contemporary Ways to Earn Site Links

Earning quality links to your website and pages remains one of the most potent forces in search engine optimization. The conversation on how to generate links typically revolves around the execution and sharing of useful, relevant content. However, there are several great non-contemporary methods to earn them as well.

The following is a look at some of the less familiar strategies your business can use to generate great site links.

Brand Mentions

Though it is convenient to have instant access to a hyperlink, people do often end up at your site through mentions in other settings. If a company rep goes to a conference and discusses your products, for instance, participants with interest are likely to go home and Google search or go directly to your website. You could also achieve similar results at sponsored events.

After reviewing your site and products, people that believe in the quality of what you offer are apt to post links on social channels and their own websites and blogs.

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Establish Business Relationships

Reaching out to other companies and establishing business relationships is another great way to indirectly generate links. When you share news about the partnership and earn media coverage, the stories presented online typically include references and links to the partner websites.

Although earning links isn’t necessarily the most important consideration in creating partnerships, it is a significant benefit.

Get Involved in Communities

Some companies employ “community managers” as opposed to “social media managers”. While the title may seem like semantics, the real point is the role the person or team plays.

A community manager is usually responsible for conversations about your brand that extend beyond social channels, often into online venues.

Participating in forums on sites like Reddit and Quora, or even on industry-specific community sites, allows you to share your brand and links. Don’t simply use these platforms to push content, but building relationships allows you to naturally infuse links and earn shares.

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Involvement in online community forums is a great way to get your brand and links in front of an engaged audience.

External Marketing

Marketing campaigns aimed at earning site links are often viewed as online-only strategies. In fact, you can drive traffic and earn link shares through traditional media as well.

In a print ad, for instance, you could indicate a call-to-action inviting the reader to your website. On that site, feature buttons that allow for easy sharing of your articles on social media or through link shares.


Don’t limit your opportunities to earn site links by thinking it only occurs through conventional online platforms. Think about other physical opportunities to get your brand in front of people, and to call people to visit your site and ultimately share relevant resources.

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