How to Create More Shareable Content

It is one thing to get a reasonable level of readership from an audience that comes across your content on its own. It is quite another to create content that is shareable, which can drive many times more readers to your web posts.

The following is a look at several strategies and tips that can help you create more shareable content to increase your reach with marketing in healthcare.

Optimize Value and Usefulness

In a recent survey by Fractl, 48 percent of respondents said they share content that others would find interesting. Though “interesting” is a broad idea, it suggests that content that is valued and useful to one person in your target audience would likely be valued and useful to others with similar traits or needs.

In the Fractl survey, 11 percent of people said specifically that they share content that is “useful” to others. These statistics speak to the benefits of defining your target readers precisely, and engaging them with content that answers critical questions about your topic.

Appeal to Emotions

Readers are much more driven to share content that triggers an emotion than content that only connects on a rational level. Still, you need to research and plan for triggering an emotional response based on the motives of your target readers.

A recent compilation report from the Harvard Business Review noted that age and gender impact the types of emotions that cause people to share content. In general, curiosity, amazement, interest, astonishment and uncertainty tend to ignite a sharing response. However, people in the 18 to 24 year old range are tougher to target with positive emotions, according to HBR. While anger, fear and distrust drive responses across age levels, it is easier to invoke sharing with joy and trust with older audiences.

Interestingly, the HBR report also indicated that men tend to respond more to positive emotional catalysts than women. However, women do respond to content that inspires trust.

Tell a Story that Resonates

People like content with stories that resonate. Thus, the more similar your subjects, topics and examples, the greater the likelihood that a reader feels connected to your content and is willing to share.

As an example for marketing in healthcare, topical content that tells of a common health experience for married couples may cause a person to share with a spouse, or with other married contacts.

Be Shocking or Controversial


Beyond basic emotional appeals, original content that is shocking, controversial or newsworthy increases shares. Readers like to be the one to share surprising information with others. New research on health issues or advances in health technology could increase shares.


In general, people are more likely to share your content if it is useful, relevant and emotionally appealing. Telling stories that resonate with the types of patients you target carries a lot of weight as well.

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