Patient Communication Compliance – How Compliant is Your Medical Group?

Are your patient communications as compliant as you think?

Communication with current and potential patients is pivotal to maintaining and growing your practice, but do you know and understand all of the HIPAA, FDA and FTC rules to making sure your are compliant in all of your points of communication?

The below info-graphic touches on all your points of patient communication and questions if you and your marketing department know how to accurately protect patient information and stay compliant.  From digital advertising and marketing to scheduling appointments and patient reminders,  make sure you aren’t putting your practice at risk to owing millions of dollars in fees.

Patient Communication Compliance

Need help navigating marketing and compliance? Response Mine Interactive has over 15 years of experience working in the medical world, and have taken the time to learn how to be compliant in all forms of marketing and communication. Contact us to see how we can save you from a million dollar simple communication mistake. If you want to learn more, read our 4 Tips to Staying HIPAA Compliant in your Healthcare Marketing.


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