How Performance Display Advertising Can Benefit Your Healthcare Business

Performance display advertising includes banner ads that you only pay for when the desired response occurs. Typically, you pay on a per-click basis, meaning your money is invested in driving traffic to your website or landing page. For providers looking to minimize spending and optimize return on investment with healthcare marketing, display ads are an important option to consider.

Thanks to increased technological innovations, design quality and re-targeting opportunities, spending money on display advertising is expected to surpass search ad spending in 2016, according to eMarketer.

Pinpoint Targeted Impressions

Display ads developed a negative reputation in early days of online advertising because of their low click through rates. Historically rates hover around 0.1 to 0.3 percent. However, the ability to target your ads through third-party providers and dig down to your buyer persona amplifies message impact.

After you identify your target persona, you can filter your ad execution to reach that target audience. When people see ads that match their needs or interests, they are more likely to pay attention.

Achieve High Return on Investment

Click through rates remain relatively low in 2016, according to SmartInsights. However, the good news with performance-based ads is you only pay when a viewer clicks and arrives at your landing page.

Don’t just consider click throughs when evaluating ad effectiveness and ROI, though. Even when readers don’t immediately click on your banner ad, you may achieve a memorable impression just as you do with a print ad or TV commercial. That impression plants a seed that could lead to a future response.

Design a High-Impact or Interactive Ad

The design opportunities for display advertising are amazing. The days of a low-quality image-driven ad are long gone. You can focus your ads on communicating your patient experience. Do so with high-quality images, or even animated or interactive ads that are much more attention-getting.

Increased Acquisitions through Retargeting

Re-targeting capability is a major factor that contributes to increased investment in display ads relative to search. Re-targeting means delivering display ads to people after they have engaged with your content previously.

Consider a buyer in a retail store browsing and then leaving without making a purchase. An associate follows the person out the door and asks if they need assistance or were looking for something in particular. While this scenario sounds far-fetched and even creepy in a physical setting, it epitomizes what occurs with digital re-targeting.

When you re-target, you make an impression on someone who has already shown curiosity or interest in your firm. Perhaps someone with a health need is investigating options. Most people don’t commit upon first exposure to your website or content. Therefore, your re-targeting through display ads allows you to lure a potential patient back.


Performance-based display advertising offers a lot of advantages that marketers are just now starting to realize. Achieve a competitive advantage with your healthcare marketing by not waiting around.

Response Mine Interactive is here to help you accomplish your patient acquisition objectives. Contact our Director of New Business Development, Amanda Sparks, to discuss performance-based display advertising strategies.

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