Why Social Proof Matters to Your Fitness Marketing Efforts

“Social proof” is a contemporary method of delivering customer testimonials on social media. In fitness marketing, providing your target market with social proof is imperative because people considering this service category rely on the opinions of existing clients.

The following is a look at some of the most important reasons to integrate social proof into your fitness marketing plan.

People Like Celebrities

Endorsements from popular celebrities are one of the most powerful forms of testimonial. People like celebrities and are often willing to buy into any advice they offer.

While it is difficult for a lot of small companies to pay for celebrity endorsements, you might have some recognizable celebrities in your local community. Perhaps there is a fitness guru who runs boot camp programs or other events that make him a popular figure in the local area. A prominent figure with a sizable social following and an influential voice can serve you well on social media.

An Expert Voice Packs Punch

Lack of belief that change or improvement can happen is a common obstacle to attracting a crowd with fitness marketing. The perspective of an expert is another common form of social proof that seems to work well.

In the case of fitness marketing, an expert is typically someone who has achieved success with the product or service. If you promote a fitness club, for instance, getting someone who has lost 30 pounds or packed on a lot of muscle to post their experiences on social media is of huge value.

Proof is in the Pictures

The ability to integrate pictures and videos on prominent social tools like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter adds power to social proof. Rather than simply posting a picture of someone next to quoted text, show before-and-after pictures or other images illustrating what they describe.

A video testimonial allows viewers to see the conviction in the voice and expressions of the influencer. You can even work with the endorser to showcase how they used the service to achieve the benefits stated in the testimonial.

Other Opinions Matter

People are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages daily. Therefore, they develop a natural filter to company-based promotional messages. Hearing from someone that has experienced the business from their perspective (the customer side) is much more convincing.

Social proof is set up for natural word-of-mouth distribution. People that have benefited from your business can share their stories, and potentially put pressure on peers to step up as well. Unsolicited reviews or testimonials on social media help people take action when they are in the consideration stage of the buying process as well.


There are many reasons to focus some of your fitness marketing efforts on establishing social proof. Incorporate local celebrities, experts and satisfied clients into your promotional strategy. Include pictures and video to strengthen the power of your social messaging as well.

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