Wahoo Fitness Works with RMI to Drive Engagement while Competing with Big Brands

Wahoo Fitness is a leader in the fitness space, creating a full ecosystem of apps, sensors and devices for the runner, cyclist and general fitness enthusiast. Wahoo Fitness’s award-winning line of Bluetooth Smart products include the KICKR and KICKR SNAP, the world’s first smartphone powered indoor bike trainers, as well as the ELEMNT GPS bike computer. The company also developed the TICKR family of chest-based wearables, composed of the TICKR, TICKR Run and TICKR X, combining heart rate training with advanced motion analytics.

TICKR X has a sensor (accelerometer) to track running (cadence, smoothness vertical oscillation) and biking (cadence) metrics, combined with a built-in memory for a device-free workout. The device has dual band connectivity (Bluetooth and Ant+), so it connects wirelessly to almost any device and integrates with a wide-range of Wahoo’s Fitness Apps, including Runfit. But, Wahoo wanted to educate consumers about the benefits of using this technology and data to train and demonstrate how TICKR X can become the fitness consumer’s workout companion.

Wahoo needed to to drive awareness for the TICKR X heart rate monitor product, a product not largely well known in the competitive heart rate monitor space dominated by large fitness brands. The goal was to target consumers who are workout junkies, including cross-trainers and gym-goers, to inform them on how they can leverage smart technology to help train smarter. Wahoo wanted to push consumers to make this goal part of their New Year’s resolution.

Response Mine Interactive (RMI) answered this challenge by aligning with a very specific content marketing strategy from Wahoo Fitness to yield exponential results right where the target audience lives.

From a branding perspective, it hit right with what I wanted to do. People are having social media conversations on the product and conversation equals intent.” –Alvin Glay, Director, Digital Marketing, Wahoo Fitness

The Challenge

From a marketing perspective, the goal for 2016 was seemingly simple: to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to the Wahoo website. But, behind that clear goal lies a complicated challenge. Consumer’s attention is shrinking, with the attention span devoted to whether a user will stay on a web page currently around 10 seconds. Every brand is fighting to capture attention, driving the question of how to insert a brand into the mix without a large marketing budget and how to create content that is attention grabbing.

We sell a fantastic product that is not well known and it’s not meant for someone who is just getting into fitness. These are people who are serious about their workout and they want the best products to help them reach their goal faster. You need to capture their hearts and emotions,” explained Alvin Glay, Director of Digital Marketing for Wahoo Fitness. “But, there’s a problem here. Facebook, the largest social platform, has 87% of their traffic through mobile. Half of our own traffic is mobile. In fact, the average household has 4-5 mobile devices. With the proliferation of mobile, brands are now fighting each other for attention. The question for us is: “How do we reach consumers across devices and communicate our own brand message in an easily digestible way to get their attention?’”

Glay does not feel that traditional digital methods are the answer. “With banner ads, you have a clickthrough rate of less than .01% and ad recall is extremely low,” he stated. “And, there’s only so much you can do with paid search advertising. With paid search, consumers are usually in the consideration set and you cannot increase your brand awareness with SEM only. You need to be where your target consumers are and continue to be top of mind—and that ability is very important today, as customer touchpoints are very complicated. I want to be where my customers are, and to do that, we must first understand who our customers are, and then backtrack to find out where they spend their time.”

“Once we’ve done that, we need to intelligently target content that our audience finds interesting,” he continued. “We need organic, authentic content that is fun, sharable and not intrusive. Then, we’re able to communicate a message without the typical attention span limitations of a banner ad. What I basically needed was a partner to help me create a fan base where I could spread our story organically without putting paid media behind it.”

The Solution

Glay found this partner in Response Mine Interactive (RMI). RMI helped create a content marketing strategy to target customers that their audience found engaging and helped increase brand awareness for the product.

The result was a New Year’s resolution campaign, including multiple components explaining the benefits of the product, which in this case was the Wahoo heart rate monitor that helps athletes train smarter.

Some of the content initiatives included blog posts that were designed as non-promotional, informational and shareable content that engaged and invited users to participate in the fitness conversation. Some of the topics included “Running Cadence”, “8 Tips to Boost your Motivation to Run,” and “7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Spin Class.”


The Results

The following is the performance of the top three blog topics during the campaign:

  • Running Cadence: Engagement Rate: 0.99%, Reach: 232,951
  • 8 Tips to Boost your Motivation to Run: Engagement Rate: 1.36%, Reach: 104,605
  • 7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Spin Class: Engagement Rate: 1.13%, Reach: 124,346

“From a branding perspective, it hit right with what I wanted to do,” said Glay. “People are having social media conversations on the product and conversation equals intent. This is happening because we used content to tell the story of different components of the product. We targeted it to very specific personas and engaged their interests. We then augmented with a follow-up with those that were interested, and we are still seeing residual impact from pieces that were released in January. To me, it was very successful.”

Glay shared significant credit with RMI during this effort. “To me, the key is working with partners that: #1—I trust and #2—I have confidence in what they do,” he explained. “I’m definitely a fan of the work of RMI. As a small brand, I want to know that people are putting the time and effort into my account and that’s how I feel when working with this organization. They’re also easy to work with, which to me is very important.”

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For more about Wahoo Fitness, visit http://www.wahoofitness.com. 

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